Gamble Hand

Your gambling personal assistant.

"Gambling" is bad, nobody should tell you otherwise - but it can also be profitalbe if done with logic & discipline. I want to teach you the rules and share the tools I use to make £1000's every month in online casinos.

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Sensible Gambling

Anyone can open an online casino account and start betting (most likely losing) but if you're smart, and you understand the things that help the casinos have an edge - you can actually use online gambling not just for fun, but as a nice additional income stream. I spent hours, and lost £1000's figuring this out - you can avoid doing the same by letting me help you.


I'll share methods of betting, these are not just the standard double your bet methods - they are more specific, I'll help you know what to bet - as well as understand why.


You'll get exclusive access to our bespoke tools - these tools will help you track your profit, help you calculating your bets and help you decide when you should call it a day and take a loss.


I'll tell you where to bet to get free bet bonuses, you'll get more in free bets than you pay me for all of this info.

What's in it for me?

I'm going to be honest, I want to make money - I can make more money by helping all of you make some extra cash, and we all win - It's not going to be easy, this isn't a get rich quick scheme, You're not going to deposit £10 and walk away a millionare (My first day I did make over £1000 from just £15) - But it works. If you follow everything I tell you, the only thing stopping you making some money is yourself.

Let's talk money

So here is the deal, for all of the above - you'll pay me just £30.00 (I will get you more than this in free bets) - you'll need another £50-100 to deposit into casinos - and that's it. You'll be good to go. Ready?

We won't spam you, promise

The Proof

Here you go, Here are some real transactions on my BetFair account.

Yes - That's £1,015 cashed out from less than £200 deposited, in the space of a couple of hours - I was feeling ambitious that day, usually I cap myself at £100 take home.